Whether you have stress, physical pain from an injury or emotional pain, this experience should not be missed...

"I started with Kaja and Exhale Coaching 5 years ago. I have been participating in different programs and they have been a source of peace and inspiration in my life. Being immersed in a Connection Practice course and other courses with Kaja provided me an amazing technique to connect with others and myself in a different way. Breathing control have been key to get into a deep relaxation and control stress.

Alejandra Ochoa

"My 11 year-old boy participated in a stress management program for kids and it has been amazing for him. As parent, I have seen the benefits of the practice in my son: calm, focus, listening with more attention. He was happy every day he had a class, before and after! I do not have words to express gratitude to Kaja. Please enjoy the opportunity to experience a program with Kaja. You will be discovering an amazing and better world. Thanks Kaja!"
Alejandra Ochoa

"My pre-teen benefited tremendously from the breathing techniques taught by Kaja. I experienced first hand the changes in him when he got overwhelmed by homework and grabbed a small whiteboard and starting writing his emotions, how he felt and what he needed at the moment. Such a great tool to carry with him for the rest of his life.
He was aware of his thoughts and feelings at that moment and accepted them as they came."

Veronica Acosta