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ONLINE - Breath Patterns for Addictive Behavior, 6 x 55 min

ONLINE - Breath Patterns for Addictive Behavior, 6 x 55 min

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Most of our lives are spent doing things out of habit. The way we talk, walk, dress, eat and how we think. Some habits are beneficial but many are not. They tear us down and only give us temporary pleasure. These are often self-defeating habits because when they get out of control they become addictions. Many use addictive habits to escape emptiness and isolation. Pills are being used with the distorted hope they would numb inner unhappiness, and alcohol to deal with the stress of every day living. They key to change, is to substitute self-defeating habits with positive habits. With this program you can accelerate your self-healing – process and enhance your personal awareness. By changing the rhythm and depth of your breath you can begin to change addictive behavorial patterns. The practices, often leading to deep meditation, provides the psychological edge neccesary to remain calm and non-reactive under challenging situations.


Welcome to participate in this systemized program with customized practices for behavioral addiction including stress, substance abuse and other unhealthy habits.


This isn’t a complicated program to attend. It's participant friendly with easy to follow and powerful practices.You meet Kaja for Chair-based exercises in front of the screen targeting specific goals. The program includes the Conscious Breathing Consultation & Stress Test, and each week you will recieve a audio file to practice with betweeen sessions. Daily practice creates clarity and self-control helpful in overcoming behavorial addictions. Each session is 55 min. Sign up today!


*Please be advised that the information contained in this program is not suitable for medical detoxification or treatment. It is an educational program, designed to use the holistic and ancient wisdom and practices to support recovery and self-healing.


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