Whether you have stress, physical pain from an injury or emotional pain, this experience should not be missed...

 "I started taking classes with Kaja a few years ago. I went on and off as my schedule allowed. Last fall I committed to a 4 week program and I can't tell you how much I miss it. Taking the time to spend an hour each week with Kaja and her methods is invaluable. The stress and pain in my body was greatly reduced and it helped calm my entire body. I have terrible knee pain and I found that with her yoga and breathing techniques the pain was so much better. I also found that the Kirtan Kriya was an amazing experience. It took me out of my comfort zone with the chanting but after a few sessions I just let myself fully immerse in it. I used her methods of breathing and chanting (in my mind) during a very difficult painful medical procedure recently and it got me through without having to take any anti-anxiety medications! Her positive energy and calming ways should be experienced by all. Whether you have stress, physical pain from an injury or emotional pain, this experience should not be missed. You will leave one of her classes with so much energy, (physical and sexual), mental clarity, less pain and a longing to practice this every day." Cathy Falk

It has been a life changer practice….

I started with Kaja and exhale coaching 5 years ago. I have been participating in different programs and they have been a source of peace and inspiration in my life. Being immersed in courses and programs with Kaja provided me an amazing technique to connect with others and myself in a different way. Breathing control have been key to get into a deep relaxation and control stress. It has been a life changer practice….


Alejandro, my 11 year-old boy also participated in a stress management program for kids and it has been amazing for him. As parent, I have seen the benefits of the practice in my son: calm, focus, listening with more attention. He was happy every day he had a class, before and after! It has been a gift for me to enjoy this practice with my son and for example be able to enjoy an 11 min Kirtan Kriya with him. I do not have words to express gratitude to Kaja for teaching Kundalini Yoga as a lifestyle to my family and I can’t express how much we miss having her in the USA. Please enjoy the opportunity to experience a class or program with Kaja. You will be discovering an amazing and better world. Thanks Kaja! Alejandra Ochoa

I feel several steps closer to overall health...

The classes with Kaja made me feel more self aware & conscious on healing myself. For example, I knew that my breathing was unhealthy when I was taking test or focusing yet now I am aware of how to not only breathe properly also to relax certain areas opening up pathways in my body. It feels amazing to have that knowledge. I feel several steps closer to overall health💚💚💚 Michel Morales

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